6 Ways The Bitcoin Mining Meeting was Fucking Stupid

  1. Billionaires met in secret to decide a plan for Bitcoin. On its face, we know this is sketch.
  2. It cucks to “green” energy. It’s not actually green though. It’s just some stupid fiat and Communist scamster nonsense. It thus accepts and promotes a core enemy narrative.
  3. Even if this is just “marketing to stop FUD” some people will take it at face value and they will think “oh wow, guess green energy really is important. And look thank goodness for Mike Saylor and Elon Musk. They saved Bitcoin.”
  4. Musk and Saylor…

Specialization is destroying society. Consider this story.

Mike Saylor runs a company worth a bit over $5 billion, and they now own over $5 billion in Bitcoin. He moved almost all of MicroStrategy’s cash reserves into Bitcoin and then he took out debt to accumulate more.

This is something no one else is doing.

Sure, some entities, mainly private individuals, are putting small slices of their money into assorted cryptos, mainly for speculation. But Saylor, by contrast, used the vast majority of his huge company’s sizable wealth to buy only Bitcoin to protect his companies wealth.

How can he make…

Mike Saylor The Chad is fun to listen to. He brings a great energy. It’s exciting for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Many celebrate how The Chad has pumped the price for holders.

And that’s great. No problem. But in the excitement, something important is being missed.

The Chad is not just pumping the price but actually fundamentally changing the path we’re on. And since we think Bitcoin is a world changing technology, The Chad is changing where we, as humanity, will go.

Not just accelerating the change, but actually affecting the nature of the change. Here’s six ways how ->

  1. Giving Evil…

Using gold as money was smart. It helped build civilization. It worked for thousands of years.

But goldbugs today are fixated on gold itself as a magical yellow rock that is the answer to everything by definition. It’s leaving them inflexible. Unable to apply the important philosophical underpinnings of gold to new iterations.

It reminds me of a famous Zen proverb: “All instruction is but a finger pointing at the moon; and those whose gaze is fixed upon the pointer will never see beyond. Even let him catch sight of the moon, and he still cannot see its beauty.”


Communists are blacklisting and silencing American free thinkers at an alarming rate. It makes people wonder, where is the free market, independent, riposte?

Enter Hoaxed!

This movie was produced by maverick firebrand Mike Cernovich, and released in January of 2019. It’s already been seen in over 100 countries and received warm feedback on IMDB: an average rating of 7.6 stars from hundreds of reviews.

This is a movie worth talking about. It is a major production involving some of the biggest names from non-mainstream media, including, to name just a few, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes and Stefan Molyneux.

Even Anthony…

National Review may have just irreparably damaged their reputation. Their response to Covington Catholic — where innocent kids were framed, doxed, and then threatened with mob violence — is a total mess.

National Review brands itself as the moral arbiter for Republicans. For instance, their editor in chief, Rich Lowry, wrote that the primary reasons for opposing Trump included his “character” and “temperament” while their senior editor, Jonah Goldberg, explained he would never vote for Trump because he is intent on “keeping a clear conscience.”

This makes their response to Covington Catholic especially shocking.

When the story initially broke, and…

Fire Flynn. Promote Haspell. Go HAM on Bannon. Leave Obama holdovers throughout government. Fire Rich Higgins. Put Kirstjen Nielsen in charge of DHS.

What on earth is Trump thinking?

The unfortunate effect of these actions is that Trump has acted as a honeypot in service of the subversives. Step one: Trump lures out the patriots. Step two: the Communists destroy the patriots.

Many excellent MAGA folk stepped up to support Trump. In doing so, they attracted the attention of the world, and that includes the Communists.

The results for the patriots have been terrible. They get insulted by the media…

The fiery philosopher, Stefan Molyneux, recently released a documentary video, The 100 Year March, with his reactions as he traveled through Poland.

It’s a good video, with provocative musings on the threat posed by a rising rabble, the value of free speech, and the worth of uniting with like minded people. It’s worth watching.

There are a couple key themes. One, is that the West is under attack of Marxists. Second, that Poland is under attack; patriotic Poles are being smeared as Nazis when they just want independence.

Here’s my contribution. It’s impossible to understand either of these phenomena without…

This is a valuable book, which gets into Chinese thinking and strategic planning, showing the threat China poses to America. The author is smart, knowledgeable,and quotes from a wide array of primary Chinese sources. This is a book worth reading.

That being said, since you can easily read many of the overwhelming positive reviews on the book elsewhere, I want to layout some problems with the book.

Pillsbury is upfront about the fact that he used to be a duped fool and had naive analysis. …

North Korea has over sixty nuclear warheads, ICBMs that can hit America, and two satellites orbiting over the center of America. They pose a significant threat to Americans.

With the happy Trump-Kim summit, and more recently the triumphant Kim-Moon summit, it would appear the situation is on its way to resolution.

But things may not be as they rosy as they appear. Whatever words Kim may say, he’s still a Communist holding on to nukes, and even if he does wholeheartedly want peace, he’s boxed in by China and Russia.

You don’t need to take my word for it. Consider…

Daniel Ashman

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