Hillary’s Support for the “legal bulwark of the Communist Party” 1967–1992

The Clintons began their careers fighting for far left causes. This included supporting Communist and Kremlin goals. For instance, Hillary, while in college, studied and corresponded with Saul Alinksy, who was a self-described radical and a fellow-traveler to Communists. Her work with Alinsky is fairly well known, but just the start, just one of many such connections.

Hillary also worked at the law firm Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. They were known as active and vigorous advocates for Communist causes. One partner of the firm, Doris Walker, was a literal Communist party member while Hillary worked there. Another partner, Robert Treuhaft, had been such an active member of the Communist party that the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) called him to testify and concluded he was one of the most ‘dangerously subversive’ lawyers in America.

To understand Hillary’s support for Communist causes during that time it’s important to place matters in historical context. The United States was officially in the Cold War. It was an existential struggle for survival against Communist Russia who was sponsoring Communist activities throughout the world and especially in America. The Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) had extensive support from Russia and their members pledged loyalty to Moscow. Communism wasn’t merely silly left wing politics. It was literally a criminal conspiracy dedicated to destroying America.

Bill Clinton was also spending his time with far leftists. In 1969, he helped organize anti-American protests in England. Many of these protests were sponsored with direct or indirect help from the Kremlin’s hidden hand. Bill also roomed with Strobe Talbott and Frank Aller who both had active Soviet connections. Aller wrote his thesis positing that the Communists in Vietnam were the morally good force. He also was corresponding with Edgar Snow, a man who personally interviewed Mao Zedong, and wrote advocating for Communist China. The Bill-Aller friendship is indicative of where Bill’s thinking was at.

Talbott took the Soviet connection to an even deeper level. He was making trips to Moscow where he collaborated with the KGB on a pro-Khrushchev biography. His work with Moscow would continue through his life, and much later on, a Russian defector would out Talbott as a KGB “special unofficial contact.” The Russian intelligence community (IC) had “tricked and manipulated” him to serve Russian interests. In the most benign interpretation, Talbott was a self-serving and gullible useful idiot who didn’t know he was helping the Kremlin. Regardless, Talbott was a connection from the Russian IC to Bill.

After living with Talbott and Aller, in that vibrant anti-America pro-Communist atmosphere, Bill took a trip to Moscow and then on to Prague. In Czechoslovakia, he stayed with a family who had founded Czechoslovak’s Communist Party and was possibly working with their secret police. Bill later maintained he didn’t remember the details of what happened on this trip. It is possible that contact was made between the Russian IC and Bill because their IC often spied on western visitors, and Bill, as a Rhodes Scholar who was organizing anti-American protests and rooming with a KGB collaborator, would have been of special interest to them.

Upon Bill’s return from Moscow, in 1971, Bill and Hillary began dating. That is to say, while Hillary was working for Communists, and right after Bill roomed with pro-Soviet boosters, they fell in love. Perhaps an affinity for Communism was something they bonded over. In 1975 Hillary and Bill cemented their union with marriage.

Hillary went on to show, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, that her stint at the Communist law firm was not a one time mistake that she later disavowed. In 1978, Hillary was appointed to chair the Legal Services Corporation. Under Hillary’s leadership it funneled massive amounts of tax payer money to left wing causes, activists, and even lobbied government itself. It was a rogue and parallel mini-government subverting the actual American government. They even worked for illegal immigrants right in line with Communist globalist goals.

Hillary moved on, in the 1980’s, to the board and chair of the New World Foundation (NWF). Under Hillary’s leadership, the NWF funded groups such as the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) and National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG). CISPES was a Soviet front group. They supported Communist terrorists in El Salvador, and notably, had distributed Soviet forgeries of American government documents.

Perhaps even more telling was Hillary’s financial support for the NLG. This was an organization that had been described by the HUAC as the “foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party.” Her former bosses, Burnstein, Walker, Treuhaft, and even Treuhaft’s wife, were involved with NLG. In fact, Walker had been the head of the NLG. By giving the NLG money, Hillary affirmed that she still supported her old Communist bosses and wanted to promote that Communist cause. Of course, at the time, a Communist cause was a Moscow cause. From her work with Alinsky, to her time as chair of NWF, that’s two decades of consistent behavior.