6 Ways The Bitcoin Mining Meeting was Fucking Stupid

  1. Billionaires met in secret to decide a plan for Bitcoin. On its face, we know this is sketch.
  2. It cucks to “green” energy. It’s not actually green though. It’s just some stupid fiat and Communist scamster nonsense. …

Mike Saylor The Chad is fun to listen to. He brings a great energy. It’s exciting for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Many celebrate how The Chad has pumped the price for holders.

And that’s great. No problem. But in the excitement, something important is being missed.

The Chad is not just pumping…

Using gold as money was smart. It helped build civilization. It worked for thousands of years.

But goldbugs today are fixated on gold itself as a magical yellow rock that is the answer to everything by definition. It’s leaving them inflexible. …

Fire Flynn. Promote Haspell. Go HAM on Bannon. Leave Obama holdovers throughout government. Fire Rich Higgins. Put Kirstjen Nielsen in charge of DHS.

What on earth is Trump thinking?

The unfortunate effect of these actions is that Trump has acted as a honeypot in service of the subversives. Step one…

Daniel Ashman

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